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Shockwaves in Romania as former judge gets his conviction overturned

Shockwaves in Romania as former judge gets his conviction overturned
In a turnaround that has caused quite a stir in Romania, a former judge Toni Grebla was acquitted by the High Court of Cassation on 11 May 2018, writes James WilsonMr Grebla has gone public about his ordeal and has spoken about what he believes was the motivation behind his wrongful imprisonment.He described to Romania's Antena 3 tel...

Kuwait faces criticism over Marsha Lazareva case

Kuwait faces criticism over Marsha Lazareva case
Prominent Russian businesswoman Marsha Lazareva was sentenced this month to ten years hard labour in Kuwait after a conviction for misusing public funds. She denies all of the charges and has confirmed that she will appeal the decision, writes James Wilson.However, concerns are growing as she sits in the notorious Sulaibiya prison in Kuwait, where ...


Russia ranks 148th in the world for press freedom according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF). The atmosphere for independent journalists is stifling, and under Vladimir Putin independent news outlets have been either driven out of business or brought under state control. According to the Freedom House 2017 Report on the freedom of the press,...

On The Home Front In Russia's Information War

If you want to understand the roots of Russia's "information war" against the west, the best place to start is in what shows up, routinely, on the TV channels at home. We've just received a leaked copy of what looks to be a nearly-completed television exposé from one of the state-controlled Russian channels. It makes Breitbart look like PBS Ne...

Humanitarian partners stretched by worsening conflict in Donbass

According to the United Nations Organization for the Co-ordination of Human Aid, 3.8 million people in the Donbass region are in need of humanitarian aid. With no end in sight to the military conflict in Ukraine's East, the hopes of thousands of innocent citizens living on both sides of the 'contact line' to return to a normal life are evaporating....

Ukraine is still facing War

The war in Donbass in the East of Ukraine is in its third year; there is daily fighting, with military and civilian casualties. The war takes away people's homes, their loved ones and their future. In the centre of Europe, in the 21st century. It takes away the lives of children and elderly people, causes them to starve; every day millions of peopl...

Refugees; Is Europe Full?

Can Europe's ability to integrate refugees into society keep pace with the numbers of immigrants it is currently absorbing? The refugee crisis and immigration have become big topics of debate for Germans, who go to polls for federal elections on 24 September of this year. Should these be treated as security issues, or rather as economic and hu...

Russian Fake News Poses Threat to EU Business

Competition in free markets centres on issues of product quality, customer service and price. Not in Russia. To protect markets and supply contracts, black PR is a standard weapon in the commercial tool kit used to disseminate false allegations about non-Russian competitors. Looking specifically at the nuclear sector, Russia has significant market ...

Calling Time On Racism And Bigotry

We have entered a period where racism and bigotry is on the rise across the continent of Europe. This threatens more than Europe's system of rights, values and principles.It puts at risk the security of our communities. Citizens are taking into their own hands vigilante style mob rule spurred on by the hate speech voiced by right wing political lea...


An interview with Jennifer Hamerman, Director of the European Campaign for Animal Rights

We met with Jennifer Hamerman in Brussels to learn more about the European Campaign for Animals and their 2016 campaign to ban fur farms in Europe.



Speaking today at a meeting of the European Parliament's inter-group for the welfare and conservation of animals, Mark Glover of "Respect for Animals" presented a new report on "The case against fur factory farming", which shows why fur farming should be banned.

Close the 7200 fur farms that degrade animal rights and European values

It is time for us to end fur farming in Europe.  There are 7200 fur farms in Europe and the EU accounts for 66 percent of global mink production and 70 percent of fox production.  Animals on fur farms live in cramped and dirty wire cages. They are killed using the cheapest and most cruel methods, including suffocation, electrocution, gas, and poison.  This practice is inhumane and has no place anywhere.  Let us end it in our own backyard and send a signal to the rest of the world that fur farming is cruel.


Macedonian Opposition Leader Caught with his Pants on Fire

While political leaders are notorious for being economical with the truth, it is rare that they are accused outright of lying by their bilateral partners. But this is the embarrassing political situation now facing Zoran Zaev the leader of the opposition in Macedonia. The scandal has not only damaged his own credibility but it threatens to put at risk the international reputation of Macedonia.


International Foundation for Better Governance Welcomes International Attention on the Plight of Georgia's Rustavi 2 Television Station

The International Foundation for Better Governance welcomes the international attention being paid to the plight of the independent Georgian television station, Rustavi 2. Concern has been mounting that the television station is under pressure from the Georgian government.  Rustavi 2 has long been recognised as a beacon of free speech and pioneering broadcasting in Georgia, with dynamic journalists and innovative formats, such as the political talk show.


Georgian Government Accused of Sabotaging Independent TV Station

For years the independent television Station Rustavi 2 in Georgia has been the beacon for free speech in Georgia. But in alarming new developments it has come under unprecedented attack. The ruling coalition “Georgian Dream” which is manipulated and led from the shadows by the billionaire former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili is trying to crush Rustavi 2 by a two-pronged stealth campaign. There are fears now that the Government may force a change of editorial policy, or even close down the station altogether.


Europe must speak with united voice to address Ukraine crisis

Moscow – July 3, 2014


Are Sanctions Against Ukraine & Russia Damaging Business Relations?

Are sanctions the right instrument for dealing with the current East-West Crisis? Sanctions have been imposed by the EU on Ukrainian and Russian officials for their part in violence against demonstrators in Ukraine and the annexation of Crimea.

This seminar is organised by the International Foundation for Better Governance.

Appeal to Improve the Courtesy of Poland's Border Guards - from a long-term friend of Poland

Open Letter to Polish and Ukrainian Diplomats

My name is Zoia Skoropadenko. I am a UNESCO recognised artist.

I was born in Ukraine, have traveled all around world and lived for the last 15 years (almost half of my life) in the Principality of Monaco.

The government of Monaco has granted me the status of a professional artist of Monaco. While being a long time resident of Principality of Monaco, I am still a proud Ukrainian citizen and passport holder.

How Poland’s Police Attacks on Foreign Investors Slow Economic Growth

By a special correspondent of The European Financial Review

This article first appeared in the European Financial Review April-May edition

Polish tax police operate in a way unknown in other EU member states.

Below, a Special Correspondent argues that the behavior of the tax police does serious damage to Poland by discouraging foreign investors or Polish citizens living elsewhere in Europe or North America who are not confident they will receive fair and proper treatment.

"Treasure your vote - It's a privilege!" Campaign launch on Monday 3rd March

“Treasure your vote – it is a privilege!”

Conference, Monday 3rd March

It is your civic duty to vote in the European Parliament elections! 15% of the Latvian population does not have the right to do so.


With the upcoming European elections in May 2014, the Latvian Non-Citizens Congress (LNCC), with the support of the International Foundation for Better Governance, a Brussels based NGO, is launching a pan-European support campaign aimed to encourage European voters to exercise their fundamental right to vote. The LNCC is a Latvian NGO defending the interests of the 300 000 non-citizens denied an electoral voice in their country and in the European Union.