The International Foundation for better governance has been registered under Belgian law as a not for profit organisation dedicated to promote, protect and defend Fundamental rights of Citizens, Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law. To this end the Foundation will undertake activities to improve mutual understanding, the exchange of information, cooperation with organisations that protect human rights, democracy and the rule of law in the Member States of the European Union , as well as other international and national institutions and organisations and companies active in this sphere.

Activities that the Foundation will implement to achieve its goals include:

  • To promote the values of the Foundation, and to promote knowledge, awareness and respect for the European Charter of Fundamental Rights, and the European Convention of Human Rights.

  • To enter into collaboration agreements with organizations active in the promotion, protection and 
   advocacy of citizens rights;

  • To organise election observation missions, provide logistics services, information and support to members and third parties;

  • To participate in , sponsor and promote organizations, groups, associations, committees, and other groups that share the Foundation’s values;

  • To publish and distribute periodicals or other publications;

  • To develop strategies for communicating, lobbying and promoting the values of the Foundation;

  • To organise and support seminars, conferences, missions, delegations and exhibitions;

  • To participate in, undertake and commission projects in education, research, training, study, analysis and cooperation;

  • Act as a focal point between the injured parties in the field of human rights, democracy, the rule of law and the Institutions European Union, members of the European Union, as well as other international and national institutions, organisations and private companies responsible for the promotion, protection and defence of human rights in order to support, defend and lobby for the protection of their rights.