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The International Foundation for Better Governance AISBL is an International not for profit organisation registered in Brussels (en formation) for the purpose of promoting and lobbying for the rights of citizens, and defending their freedoms and rights enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The organisation is registered under...

The International Foundation for Better Governance AISBL is an International not for profit organisation registered in Brussels (en formation) for the purpose of promoting and lobbying for the rights of citizens, and defending their freedoms and rights enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The organisation is registered under the European Commission’s Transparency Register, and is headquartered in Brussels from where it undertakes work to support national and international organisations that share its values.  The organisation is entirely funded by membership subscriptions and by private donations from individuals and organisations that support the Mission of the Foundation.


Russia Again Threatens Europe by Deploying Tactical Nuclear Weapons to Belarus


On 25th March, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia would deploy tactical nuclear weapons (TNWs) in Belarus. According to his statement, Russia will start training its crew to use TNWs from 3rd April and plans to finish building a special storage facility for nuclear weapons on the territory of Belarus by 1st July. Russi...

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Geneva Convention Flouted by Russia


Under the Geneva Convention, Russia is obliged to return all severely wounded Ukrainian POWs to Ukraine Russia is constantly sabotaging the exchange of POWs by violating the Geneva Convention, which requires treating them humanely. This fundamental principle is simply not respected by Russia. Today, the Russian Federation is illegall...

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Kremlin's information aggression


Russia's launched an unprecedented information campaign against Ukraine. The Russian Federation has been waging a hybrid war against Ukraine for years. After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian special services started actively discrediting Kyiv with international partners and allies. But with the Russian army "bogged do...

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Russia continues to terrorise Ukrainian civilians with Iranian drones.


Since last October, Russia has been actively terrorising Ukrainian populated areas by striking critical infrastructure and residential buildings with Iran's Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. On 22 March during the daytime, Russia struck a residential house in Zaporizhzhya with two missiles - 18 civilians were injured as a result of the Russian crime, inc...

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Russia's Hidden Threats

Photo by Matthieu Joannon on unsplash.com/photos/yVWRNSXz6x0?utm_source=unsplash&utm_medium=referral&utm_content=creditCopyText">Unsplash   Photo by Matthieu Joannon on Unsplash

During these last days of March, the Kremlin has intensified support for its pro-Russian elements in many European cities. Through these actions, under the guise of rallies and protests, Russia is infiltrating militants and extremists into the European space, trying to undermine and destabilise the situation. The almost simultaneous appea...

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Russia Must Answer For All War Crimes in Ukraine


Russia, which considers itself the legal successor of the USSR and the country-winner of Nazism, by committing aggression against Ukraine today is likened to Hitler's Nazi Germany. Moscow has adopted the bloodiest practices of Nazism, in particular the brutal treatment of prisoners of war, the torture and murder of civilians and the forced deportat...

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A Mined Future


Full-scale warfare has created the world's largest minefield in Ukraine, with mined areas comparable to the territory of the United Kingdom. The high level of mine and unexploded ordnance contamination is one of Ukraine's most painful and urgent problems, and demining the country will be the biggest challenge for deminers since World War II. Even b...

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Crimea is the Sovereign Territory of Ukraine

Crimea originally belonged to Turkey, but was conquered by the Russian fleet of Catherine the Great at the end of the 18th century led by the Scottish Admiral Thomas Mackenzie, who founded the city of Sevastopol which later became the headquarters of Catherine's Black Sea Fleet. In recognition of his feat, the mountains behind Sevast...

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Russia Has Escalated its Missile Attacks on Ukraine


Between 01:40 and 03:45 on 16 February, Russian occupation troops launched a massive missile strike on residential and critical infrastructure. The Russians fired 32 air and sea-launched cruise missiles at Ukraine. Twelve X-101/X-555 cruise missiles from two Tu-95ms strategic bombers from the Caspian Sea area, eight Kalibr cruise missiles from a fr...

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Russia Buys Iranian Drones To Strike Ukraine


According to the British newspaper The Guardian, in November 2022 Iran secretly supplied Russia with at least 18 advanced long-range Mohajer-6 combat drones-bombers, which are capable of carrying four air-to-ground missiles and have a range of about 200 km. The publication emphasises that they are not kamikaze drones, like those previously used by ...

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Putin raises stakes as Russian missiles cross into Moldova's airspace


Russia launched more than 70 cruise missiles at Ukrainian cities on 10 February. Two of those missiles crossed Moldova's airspace, flying in the immediate vicinity of Romania's border. Putin pursues the policy of provocations targeting Europe, apparently preparing for the next big war. As the latest strike began overnight Friday, the Russians first...

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Kakhovka Reservoir - Russia is Sabotaging Ukraine's Largest Hydro System


Russia is deliberately draining the Kakhovka water reservoir, which is currently at its lowest water level in three decades. The Russians have drained the Kakhovka reservoir to a critical level: as of now, the water level does not exceed 14 meters, which is 2 meters below the normal level; the normal retaining level in the reservoir is 16 meters, a...

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Finland, Sweden and NATO


Valery Gerasimov, Chief of the Russian General Staff and commander of the group of troops in the so-called "special military operation," has said that Finland and Sweden's aspirations to join NATO and the use of Ukraine as a tool for a hybrid war with Russia are new threats to Moscow. Gerasimov considers Sweden and Finland's NATO membership aspirat...

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Mail Bomb Campaign in Spain leaves audit trail to Moscow?


Was Russian military intelligence behind the distribution of bombs by mail in Spain in 2022? IFBG has received intelligence from credible sources that the terrorist state of Russia is not giving up its attempts to destabilise Europe. This will not have been the first time that the Russian authorities have given their security forces wide latitude t...

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Is Moscow Scheming for Ruben Vardanyan to be President of Armenia?


Generally, the world's leading media do not line up for interviews with war criminals, accomplices in war crimes and massacres, or with fraudulent creators of yet another Ponzi scheme. Like Denis Pushilin, the self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk People's Republic, Putin's protege in occupied Ukraine. But some Western media, without batting an eyeli...

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Putin Set to Announce General Mobilisation in Russia


By mid-January, the Russian authorities plan to completely close the borders for Russian men under the age of 65. They will then declare martial law in the country and launch a general mobilisation, under which at first 500 000 people may be drafted. Russian President Vladimir Putin is thinking of repeating his adventure of last year with a full-sc...

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Freeze Russian Assets to Pay For War Damages

yukon-haughton-3WbGfEhXuuo-unsplash Photo by Yukon Haughton on Unsplash

Numerous war crimes committed by Russian occupiers in Ukraine, as well as Russian missile attacks against Ukraine's civilian energy infrastructure, have once again confirmed the terrorist nature of Russia's actions. It is cristal clear that Russia and its oligarchs must compensate Ukraine for the losses and cover the costs of rebuilding the country...

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New Drone Attacks in Ukraine


Russia is not going to stop terror and is preparing to receive another batch of UAVs from Iran. Russian troops spent a lot of effort on missiles and UAVs in November and December to ensure that Ukrainians celebrated the New Year in darkness, but they failed to achieve a complete blackout. Russian terror tactics will not work. Ukrainian sky, thanks ...

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The Grinch Goes for the Freezer


Putin is changing tactics and the Kremlin is preparing to launch missile strikes on thermal infrastructure, using cold as a weapon of mass destruction against Ukrainians Russia has not achieved a single goal in its genocidal invasion of Ukraine, all plans and forecasts of the Russian military and the political elite have&nb...

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Reichsbürger - Russian Project to Destabilise Germany

Olaf Scholz under threat from Putin

Russia has an extensive network of agents in the EU, which can be used for comprehensive destabilisation and Putin is rapidly scaling up threats to Europe.  The coup attempt in Germany, which took place on 7th December, is a classic example of the hybrid aggression of the Russian Federation. Among the 25 detained persons who pla...

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