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The International Foundation for Better Governance AISBL is an International not for profit organisation registered in Brussels (en formation) for the purpose of promoting and lobbying for the rights of citizens, and defending their freedoms and rights enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The organisation is registered under...

The International Foundation for Better Governance AISBL is an International not for profit organisation registered in Brussels (en formation) for the purpose of promoting and lobbying for the rights of citizens, and defending their freedoms and rights enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The organisation is registered under the European Commission’s Transparency Register, and is headquartered in Brussels from where it undertakes work to support national and international organisations that share its values.  The organisation is entirely funded by membership subscriptions and by private donations from individuals and organisations that support the Mission of the Foundation.


Russia Bombards Ukraine's Border Residents


Russia deliberately bombards Ukrainian border territories to maximise civilian casualties. Russia has significantly intensified shelling of Ukraine's border and frontline territories - 248 explosions were recorded in Sumy Region alone on 19 August. The Russian army used mortars and also launched unguided aerial missiles from helicopters. Putin's go...

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Russia's Abduction of Ukrainian Children


Russia is abducting children from Ukraine on an industrial scale confirming its status as a terrorist state engaged in human trafficking. The Russians have again taken 450 Ukrainian children out of the occupied territories of the Kherson Region, namely the Kakhovskyy and Genicheskyy districts. The children were placed mainl...

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Appeasement of Russian Imperial Appetite Will Lead to World War III


Bargaining Ukrainian territories will lead to Russia's war with NATO. On 15 April, NATO chief of staff Stian Jenssen said that one of the options for Ukraine's upcoming membership in NATO could be Kyiv's renunciation of the Ukrainian territories occupied by Russia. The official noted that Ukraine should decide on its own when and on what terms to n...

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Russia's Blitzkrieg on Ukrainian Civilians


Russia is deliberately launching missile strikes on Ukrainian residential buildings, to cause civilian casualties. On the morning of 15 August, the Russian Air Force carried out a massive attack on Ukrainian cities far from the front line - in particular, Lviv, Lutsk, Dnipro and Smila were hit. As a result of a missile landing on a f...

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Genocide of the Ukrainian People


The genocide of Ukrainian people in the occupied territories continues: Russian authorities deprive Ukrainians of humanitarian and medical assistance and proceed with their deportation The so-called head of the occupied Lazurnoye village in Kherson Region, Oleksandr Dudka, has said that he will not provide medicines and humanitarian aid t...

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15 August 1975: Murder of Bangladesh’s Founding Father - An evil attempt to murder Bangladesh


48 years ago, on 15 August 1975, Bangladesh witnessed the darkest dawn in its history since independence in 1971. The Father of the Nation of Bangladesh and then President Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, popularly known as "Bangabandhu" (Friend of Bengal) along with most of the members of his family including his ten-year old son were brutally assassin...

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Russia Goes for Protracted War


Russia is preparing for a protracted war. Putin will conceal the introduction of martial law and the start of general mobilisation from the United Nations and the Council of Europe. Putin will not inform the Council of Europe about Russia's introduction and cancellation of martial law. Under current regulations, when martial law...

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Catastrophic Russian Troop Losses in Ukraine


Russia has lost a quarter of a million soldiers in Ukraine: the Ukrainian army keeps inflicting huge damage on Russian troops. The destruction of the Russian army in Ukraine is proceeding at a shocking pace. The number of Russian military dead in the war has already reached more than a quarter of a million (250 thousand). For the third month in a r...

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NATO's East Flank Under Pressure


Russia has increased provocations against NATO eastern flank countries. The intensification of Russian spying activities, threats of provocations, and sabotage are pushing European countries to close their borders with Russia and Belarus. Latvia stopped issuing humanitarian visas to Russians a month ago, and Lithuania in early August deci...

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Russian Army Funding Increased


The Russian leadership has started the process of transition to a long war against Ukraine using the entire mobilisation resource of the Russian Federation. Moscow has intensified the process of concentrating the Russian economy on financing the military. For example, in the Kursk region alone, 50 enterprises are producing military produc...

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Saudi Summit


Moscow's hopes for peace with Ukraine on Russian terms are not justified. The city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia will host a meeting of representatives of Western countries and the Global South to continue the dialogue with a view to developing a common vision of the "Ukrainian formula" in preparation for a Global Peace Summit. Russia has not been...

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Global Grain Blackmail


By shelling Ukrainian ports, Russia is inflicting grain terror on the entire world. After Russia's unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Kyiv was forced to increase its grain exports through the EU to about 1 million tonnes per month, with large volumes exported from Romanian ports and along the Danube. After withdrawing from the grain deal, Ru...

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Russian Lust for War


Russia does not want peace, but craves only war. In Ukraine, Putin started the first stage of his strategic war for the redivision of the world. The Russian president has repeatedly emphasised the "artificiality of independence" of the countries formed as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union, as well as the need for post-socialist...

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Ukraine's Counter-Attack


The Ukrainian counter-offensive is on track, despite the Ukrainian army's slow advance. Kyiv is exercising "due caution," refusing to risk men and weapons because of the high density of minefields. Since the Russian invasion, Ukraine has demonstrated that the Ukrainian army has in many ways reached and even surpassed NATO standards. Although Russia...

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Negotiation with Putin will Trigger Aggression


Ukraine is the first stage in Putin's strategy to provide security for the Russian Federation. If Putin does not suffer a decisive defeat in Ukraine, he will certainly go further in his mission to "reclaim" lands that were part of the Russian Empire and the USSR. Putin constantly puts forward nonsensical justifications for his invasion of...

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Russia Kidnaps Ukrainian Children


Russia kidnaps Ukrainian children, distributing them to foster families and orphanages. The systematic kidnapping and transfer of Ukrainian children to Russia has become a characteristic feature of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. The Kremlin has legalised the practice of kidnapping, and this is encouraged by the state. The scale of the demog...

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The Crucial Role of Air Defence in Ukraine


Ukraine is effectively shooting down Russian missiles with the help of Western air defence systems. On the evening of 26 July, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out one of the largest missile attacks on Ukraine. Three Kalibr ballistic missiles and 33 X-101/X-555 ballistic missiles were used. In addition, 4 hypersonic missile systems X-...

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Calling Time on Russian Provocations


Will the Ukraine-NATO Council find a way to counter increasing Russian provocations? On 24 July, the Russian Air Force launched a drone strike on Ukraine's river port on the Danube, in the city of Reni. The bombardment took place close to the EU and NATO border - the opposite bank of the river belongs to Romania. This was not Russia's fir...

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Nuclear Blackmail Again: Kremlin Mines Zaporizhzhia NPP


IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi has said that the organisation's experts have discovered mines at ZNPP. According to them, the premises of the facility with limited access are mined. Also, the 4th power unit of ZNPP was put into hot mode, which creates risks for the safety of the power plant. Russia is once again using nuclear blackmail as a to...

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Danube Port Infrastructure Attacked by Russian Drones


Russian drones have attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure near the border with Romania. The Russian Air Force has attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure on the Danube River with drones. As a result of almost four hours of shelling, grain storage hangars were damaged. The Kremlin's goal is to completely oust Ukraine from the global grain marke...

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