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The International Foundation for Better Governance AISBL is an International not for profit organisation registered in Brussels (en formation) for the purpose of promoting and lobbying for the rights of citizens, and defending their freedoms and rights enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The organisation is registered under...

The International Foundation for Better Governance AISBL is an International not for profit organisation registered in Brussels (en formation) for the purpose of promoting and lobbying for the rights of citizens, and defending their freedoms and rights enshrined in the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. The organisation is registered under the European Commission’s Transparency Register, and is headquartered in Brussels from where it undertakes work to support national and international organisations that share its values.  The organisation is entirely funded by membership subscriptions and by private donations from individuals and organisations that support the Mission of the Foundation.


Sanctions Against Rosatom Overdue


The European Commission has agreed to Rosatom's construction of two new units at the Paks nuclear power plant in Hungary. Russia has assumed the bulk of the financing for the project, pledging $10 billion, while Hungary has committed only $2.4 billion. Operation of the facilities is due to start in 2030; it is a classic example of Ru...

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Russia to Cover Military Facilities in Crimea with Children


Shortly after Russia's deliberate sabotage of the Kakhovska hydroelectric power plant, which left several Ukrainian regions in the ecological disaster zone, the Kremlin announced that Ukrainian children will be taken to Crimea under the pretext of their evacuation from the disaster zone and subsequent rehabilitation. In reality, the Russian Fe...

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Russia Threatens the World with Famine


Russia is speculating on the "grain agreement" by preventing Ukrainian grain exports through the Black Sea. On 30 and 31 May, without any explanation, Russia registered for inspection only one arriving vessel to the port of Chernomorsk. And on 4 June, having registered two vessels, the Russians ignored the need to inspect 56 vessels that had b...

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Terrorist Attack on Kakhovska Hydro Power Station


On 6 June, the Russian Federation carried out a large-scale terrorist attack in Ukraine, which once again confirmed the terrorist nature of this state. As a result of the deliberate actions of the Russian army, the dam of the Kakhovska hydroelectric power plant was destroyed and the water level downstream began to rise rapidly. The operation of the...

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Strengthening Ukraine's Patriot Missile Defence Systems


Additional Patriot deliveries to Ukraine will save the lives of thousands of Ukrainians During May, Russia launched 17 massive missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities, primarily Kyiv. The Russians main goal now is to inflict the maximum possible civilian casualties and the destruction of Ukraine's civilian infrastructure.  They have begu...

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Security Guarantees for Ukraine


Security guarantees for Ukraine can preempt Russian aggression against Europe NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said that the member states of the alliance continue discussing possible options for providing security guarantees for Ukraine. The principle of an open door to NATO for Kyiv remains unchanged. Stoltenberg ha...

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Sanctions Against Iran


Sanctions against Iran are essential to preventing genocide against Ukrainians In May 2023, Russia launched 17 missile and drone attacks against Ukrainian cities. Iranian drones were used in the number of dozens of units during each of these attacks. Presumably, the new batch of Iranian drones supplied to the Russian army amounts to hundreds o...

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Roscosmos Creates New PMC "URAN"


"Roscosmos", Russia's flagship in implementing projects and establishing international cooperation in the space sphere, has created its own PMC - battalion Uran. Its creation confirms the general militarisation in Russia and the Kremlin's scaling up of hybrid challenges and threats to Europe After the start of the full-scale war against Ukrain...

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Rosatom - Tool for Blackmail?


Rosatom has been transformed from a technology company into a terrorist accomplice right before our eyes, yet nobody dares to impose effective sanctions against them. Representatives of Rosatom have been at the seized Zaporizhzhia NPP since 4 March 2022 and have not prevented the dangerous shelling of the NPP, which creates a potentially critical s...

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Iran Supplies Lethal Weapons to Russia for Ukraine War


On 26 May, Russia carried out another strike using missiles and Iranian drones against Ukraine's civil infrastructure. As a result of this war crime, 3 Ukrainians were killed and 23 others were injured, according to preliminary reports. Iran supplies weapons to the Russian Federation on a daily basis, with which it kills civilians and continues its...

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Russian-Serbian Co-operation Could lead to War in the Balkans


On 26 May, clashes broke out in Kosovo - the pretext was the outcome of local elections that resulted in ethnic Albanians, who already make up more than 90% of the population of the Republic, becoming mayors of several Kosovo towns. Ethnic Serbs began to attack Albanian patrols, and Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic ordered the Serbian army t...

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Forming Air Coalition for Ukraine Should be Priority


Russia has sharply increased shelling of Ukraine's frontline and border areas, in parallel with massive cruise and ballistic missile strikes against Ukrainian cities. The frequency of such attacks increased dramatically in May - Russia carried out nine rocket attacks during that month, while the number of attacks using artillery, mortars, and surfa...

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Make Them Pay


Handing over frozen Russian assets to Ukraine is a necessary measure to compensate for the damage caused by the war On the night of February 24, 2022, the Russian Federation launched an act of terrorism against the Ukrainian people. Russian troops on all fronts carried out an unprovoked invasion using all available weapons and equipment of the...

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Russia's Private Armies


Russia is financing the creation of private armies to destabilise Europe. Back in March, it became known about the "security firm" created by Gazprom, which is another Private Military Company (PMC) funded by the Russian state budget. Putin sees the creation of private armies not only as a parallel military forces but also as an...

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Russia's 9th May Holiday


How is Moscow using this date to destabilise, provoke and propagandise war in Europe? Every year on 9th May, the Russian Federation celebrates victory over Nazi Germany. Despite the fact that the end of World War II and the victory is a joint achievement of many countries, Moscow tries to attribute a major role in the victory over Nazism ...

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Blood on your Corn Flakes?


Russian agricultural exports to Europe are financing the genocide of Ukrainians Russia continues to try to sabotage the Black Sea Grain Initiative, which is a key tool in preventing a global food crisis and the flow of hundreds of thousands of refugees to Europe. Russia is also working on "grey schemes" to export stolen Ukrainian gra...

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Russian Agents in Europe


Moscow appears to be strengthening its spy agency in European countries, which have suffered the biggest failure since the Cold War. Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Western intelligence services have weakened Russia's spy network, and this has become a de facto failure for Russia, from which the Kremlin is still recovering. It is know...

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Europe's Vulnerability Under Attack


The West has not wavered in its response to the Kremlin's blackmail and threats. Putin consistently prepared for invasion of Ukraine, and his propaganda has aggressively replicated threatening narratives in Europe. The demand for NATO to withdraw to its 1997 borders is a classic example of such blackmail. By launching Europe's most devastating war ...

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Putin desecrates the memory of millions who died in World War II by invading Ukraine


The date of 9 May has always been popular in Russia. Since Putin came to power he has emphasised the historical memory of the "great victory" of the USSR, which he believes unite Russians. Russian propaganda has further promoted the date, calling for the "feat of the grandfathers", the "victory over Nazism" and the "guilt of the...

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Russia Strikes Civilian Targets in Kherson


Civilians killed and infrastructure destroyed: Russia strikes Kherson, killing 23 Ukrainians On 3 May, the Russians carried out a missile attack on the Epicentre hypermarket in Kherson. This premeditated attack killed 23 civilians and injured 46 more. On the night of 4 May, the Russian Federation launched 24 Iranian-made drones toward Kyi...

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