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12th Package of Sanctions


The 12th package of sanctions should be a blow to Russia's budget and military-industrial complex.

Josep Borrel together with the European Commission has presented proposals for the next package of sanctions against the Russian Federation. According to the European official, the next restrictions will affect about 120 legal entities and individuals in the Russian Federation, who are directly involved in undermining the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine

Russia retains the ability to continue its war of aggression against Ukraine thanks to high oil prices: the sale of "black gold" is the key to filling the Russian budget. Consequently, the EU's efforts are aimed at reducing this possibility. The Russian economy is predominantly commodity-based - by selling oil and gas, Putin gets the finances for his army. It is not surprising that the 12th package of sanctions includes restrictions on the purchase of, among other things, Russian diamonds - last year the Russian treasury received over €4 billion thanks to the export of these precious stones to European countries.

In addition, sanctions will be imposed against those involved in organising pseudo-elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine and organising the forced export of Ukrainian children to Russia. The terrorist state is causing comprehensive damage and has become a source of risks that have long gone beyond Ukraine and threaten the security of the West. Under the current circumstances, weakening the Kremlin is a key factor in the non-proliferation of its aggression into Europe - international isolation of the Russian Federation and sanctions against it must become comprehensive and all-encompassing.

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