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Air Defence Supplies


Air defence supplies are critical for preserving Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

The Russian Air Force has intensified the use of attack drones against Ukraine: during September, the Russians used about 500 UAVs. Russian media openly writes that the production of attack drones is one of the main tasks for the Russian military-industrial complex. The Russians can be expected intensify strikes on Ukraine's energy infrastructure during the autumn-winter period. Consequently, modern air defence systems are crucial for Ukraine to safely survive another difficult winter.

Russia is increasingly using ballistic missiles that can be shot down only with the most advanced air defence systems. In particular, a strike by an Iskander-M missile killed 52 civilians in the village of Groza in the Kharkiv Region on 05 October. In parallel, the Russians are practically not using cruise missiles: this suggests that they are stockpiling such missiles for their subsequent mass use against the Ukrainian energy infrastructure with the onset of cold weather. Every Ukrainian city must be protected by a deep-echelon air defence system - enhanced missile and drone strikes on Ukrainian infrastructure by the Russian Federation are a matter of time. Modern systems such as Patriot, SAMP(T), and IRIS-T have proven their effectiveness in shooting down the types of missiles most publicised by Russian propaganda. Additional supplies of such air defence systems will help thwart Putin's plans to create an energy collapse in Ukraine.

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