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Battlefield Success


Western weapons are bringing tangible results for the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield.

On 26-27 September, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out a series of effective offensives against the positions of the Russian Armed Forces. In particular, the Ukrainian defenders once again advanced in the Zaporizhzhya direction, occupying the northern part of the Novoprokopovka settlement. They strengthened the bridgehead for an offensive on Tokmak, which is used by the Russians as a logistics hub. There were 12 skirmishes in the Donetsk direction: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are pushing the Russians east of the liberated Kleshcheevka settlement to secure control of the railway, which is used by the enemy to supply weapons from the Russian Federation.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces' successes on the battlefield are the best argument in favour of further support for Ukraine. The head of the Dutch Defence Ministry, Kajsa Ollongren, said that Ukraine would receive the first batch of F-16 fighter jets next year. At this stage, Ukrainian pilots are being trained - after they receive proper training, the fighter jets will be delivered to Ukraine. Modern aircraft will strengthen the Ukrainian Armed Forces offensive, which in recent months destroyed a record number of Russian military equipment: tanks, SAU, MLRS and air defence systems. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces have F-16s, they will be able to effectively destroy Russian planes and helicopters.

Russia has lost at least 50 per cent of its best-trained military personnel. This was made possible thanks to the Western weapons masterfully used by the Ukrainian army on the battlefield. Consequently, its supplies must continue. This is necessary in order to inflict a decisive defeat on Russia and eliminate the threat of its territorial expansion into Europe.

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