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Crushing Blow to Russian Fleet


Using Western weapons, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have delivered a crushing blow to the Russian fleet.

On 13 September, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a strike with British Storm Shadow missiles against the Russian Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol. A landing ship and a submarine designed to launch Kalibr cruise missiles were destroyed. In addition, the Sevastopol Naval Plant, whose production facilities are used for the needs of the Russian Navy, was damaged. The accuracy and scale of the damage show that Russian air defence systems do not have sufficient performance characteristics to neutralise such types of missiles as Storm Shadow. The Ukrainian Armed Forces demonstrated the highest professionalism, justifying Western support for Ukraine.

After the sinking of the flagship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet cruiser Moskva on the 14 of April 2022, the Minsk landing ship, named after the capital of Belarus, the Kremlin's closest ally, was also hit. The vessel was destroyed in an attack carried out by the Ukrainian army on the Russian Black Sea Fleet. The strike on Sevastopol, considered a safe city, came as a shock to the Russian public and propagandists. Military experts suggest that the entire Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation is now under threat.

Social surveys of Russians regarding their attitude to the war with Ukraine remove any illusions about the possibility of peace or compromise with the Russian Federation. The overwhelming majority of Russians hate and desire to enslave not only Ukraine but also Europe. Consequently, Putin has left the world no other way but to counter Russian territorial expansion by force. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are using modern Western weapons with precision and with increasingly impressive results on the battlefield. By destroying Russian military equipment, the Ukrainian army seeks to gain victory and eliminate the Russian threat from Europe.

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