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Divide and Rule, the old Soviet Game Plan


Russia has long and carefully prepared the tools for hybrid aggression against the united West, which Putin hates and holds responsible for Russia's defeat and the collapse of the USSR. After launching his genocidal invasion of Ukraine, Putin has ushered in an era of territorial expansion, which he seeks to make a "right of the strong". As you read this, Russian artillery is firing on civilians in Ukrainian Donbass - Putin wants to critically weaken Europe in order to move the war to the EU.

Russian peacekeeping organisations are a Trojan horse for Europe, designed to weaken Western supranational institutions. Putin is aware of the disparity in military and economic capabilities between Russia and Western countries, so he emphasises hybrid influence to divide and weaken them. Russia seeks to weaken Western countries in order to launch a territorial expansion into CES countries; on the eve of his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Putin repeatedly demanded that NATO countries withdraw to the Alliance's 1997 borders. Putin has launched an era of global aggression against the West, and it can only be stopped by supplying weapons to the AFU, which has become Europe's shield against Putin's aggression.

In their failed invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops suffered more than 190,000 casualties, but Putin is not deterred by this. Russia has a mobilisation capacity of at least 20 million men, if Putin decides to conscript all who are fit to bear arms. General conscription in Russia could be a tragedy for Europe. His army will not stop and will destroy everything on its way to Europe, repeating the events of 1945. A global war with the West in Putin's mind should be the "crowning glory" of his rule, and at the same time the destruction of Western civilisation. 

Russia is quite capable to destroy 100-150 million people in Europe if the Red Army enslaves the countries of the Russian Federation and the repressive apparatus of the Kremlin starts to oppress their civilian population. The future of the civilised world will be decided on the battlefield in Ukraine - if Putin triumphs, his ghouls will move into Europe, leaving behind a bloody trail of murder and rape. It will be better for Europe to arm Ukraine so that Putin's horde is defeated in Donbass than to fight it in the EU.

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