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Drone Strikes on Russia


Drone strikes on Russia are Ukraine's retaliation for Putin's geopolitical adventure

On 30 August, Russia was subjected to the largest drone attack since their invasion of Ukraine. As a result, 2 Il-76 aircraft were destroyed by drones in Pskov, while 2 other aircraft were seriously damaged. Such attacks have become commonplace: the Moscow business centre Moscow City alone was hit by 3 drone attacks during the summer - more and more Russians feel that war has come to their territory. This is the logical payback for the geopolitical adventure of the greatest war criminal of our time – Vladimir Putin.

Ukraine's military-industrial complex has announced a plan to produce at least 200,000 drones per year - some of them are capable of travelling at least 800 km, remaining invisible to Russian air defences. Ukraine has a wide range of UAVs: strike, reconnaissance and surface-to-air. They are increasingly used against military facilities in the Russian Federation, as well as against factories whose products are used in the Russian military-industrial complex. An example is the Kremniy EL plant in the Bryansk region, which was also targeted by drones during the 30 August attack. Unlike Russia, which deliberately targets residential buildings, Ukraine strikes exclusively military facilities.

A terrorist state that aims to destroy as many Ukrainian civilians as possible must be given the punishment it deserves. Ukraine, whose army is holding back the onslaught of the Russian occupation forces, needs further support from the West, both politically and with supplies of modern weapons and equipment.

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