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Red Army Easter Killing Spree


Easter is the most important religious holiday for all Ukrainians, but the Russian army did not hold back from trying to kill Ukrainian civilians over Easter weekend. Starting on the evening of 14 April, Ukrainian frontline towns were subjected to missile strikes by the Russian army, killing civilians and destroying churches.

On 14 April Russia launched seven missile strikes against the city of Slovyansk in the Donetsk Region. The attack targeted residential buildings, killing 12 people and seriously injuring 22 others. On the night of 15-16 April, another rocket attack hit residential buildings in the Mykolayiv Region. Two teenagers born in 2005 are known to have been killed. The Russian army used C-300 air defence systems to commit this crime. Residential buildings, educational institutions, and private business enterprises were also damaged.

Also on the night of Jesus' resurrection, a Russian missile destroyed a church in the village of Kamyshevakha, Zaporizhzhya region. As a result of the Russian invasion, at least 494 religious buildings, spiritual educational institutions, and shrines in Ukraine have been completely destroyed, damaged, or robbed by the Russian military.

To stop Russian terror, Ukraine must get modern air defence systems that will allow it to shoot down Russian missiles far from where they arrive. Russia uses old-style Soviet missiles, which have low accuracy, resulting in high civilian casualties.

In addition to Russia's use of old-style Soviet missiles, Russia's use of corrective air bombs (CAB) has increased in recent days. 20-30 CABs a day is the current reality. Ukraine needs F-16s capable of carrying air-to-air missiles to 180 km to defeat CAB carriers, in addition to a significant number of Patriot systems, to protect Ukrainian skies.

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