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Fighter Jets and Long Range Missiles


On 11 September, another victory for the Ukrainian Armed Forces was made known - the Ukrainian army has occupied a part of the Opytnoye settlement, which opens a direct route to Donetsk airport. Before the Russian invasion of Donbas, Opytnoye was considered an elite suburb of Donetsk. This means that the Ukrainian army has come close to the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia back in 2014. The Ukrainian Armed Forces' successes have not gone unnoticed: Western support for Ukraine is increasing. This is a stable trend supported by the successful advance of the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberating Russian-occupied territory.

Ukraine has received two very encouraging signals from its Western partners. The international business daily Financial Times, citing its own sources, has published an article referring to the transfer of US long-range ATACMS missiles to Ukraine - the relevant decision is at the final stage. In addition, F-16 fighter jets may get their baptism of fire on the Ukrainian front this winter. The use of Storm Shadow and SCALP missiles previously provided by Britain and France has confirmed the ineffectiveness of Russian air defence systems - the Ukrainian Armed Forces hit weapons depots in the occupied territories of Ukraine with precision. Accordingly, further deliveries of new modifications of long-range missiles together with fighter jets will provide powerful air support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and Russian defences will start to collapse faster.

Putin faces defeat, crushing and lightning fast. The war he started attempts genocide of Ukrainians, and directly challenges Europe. The threat of Russian territorial expansion must be met with force: Western weapons are the most effective tools for this. The trend of stable support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces is evidence of the West's awareness of the threat. Ukraine has proven its superiority on the battlefield, liberating its territory from Russian occupation under the most difficult conditions. With the West's support, all of Ukraine's internationally recognised territory will be liberated and Europe will be freed from the Russian threat.

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