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G7 Breakthrough for Ukraine?


The G7 meeting in Tokyo may be the start of creation of echeloned air defence system in Ukraine

At the G7 meeting in Tokyo on 7-8 November, foreign ministers have been discussing the creation of an air defence shield for Ukraine. Today, Kyiv is purposefully preparing for possibly its worst winter yet, as Russia intends to attack critical infrastructure and strategic facilities in Ukraine once again.

Russia should not be underestimated, even though the Russians are gradually degrading in a strategic sense. Flows of foreign-made microelectronics components continue to enter Russia despite sanctions restrictions.

Ukraine today needs "dense" air defence, which is precisely to protect critical infrastructure, which includes: energy facilities, the fuel and energy sector, in the south of the country its port and food infrastructure.

This winter Russia will try to undermine the morale of the Ukrainian people and divide the international community, but in both cases, Putin underestimates the strength and resilience of his adversaries. If Western partners stick together and continue their course of supporting Ukraine, then Russia will lose, and the rules important to global security will remain in place.

The international community needs to use platforms such as the G7 to make decisions on levelling the Russian threat, including the creation of an echeloned air defence system in Ukraine, as weakening Western support for Ukraine is guaranteed to worsen the security situation in Europe.

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