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Genocide of Ukrainian civilians: Russian army continues to kill and exploit Ukrainian population


For more than a year of Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine, Russian army soldiers have repeatedly shocked the world with their criminal actions - killing and maiming civilians, including children, raping women, robbing flats and shops. The Russian army can hardly be called the second most powerful army in the world, but it can certainly be said to be the first in the world in terms of crime, looting, rape and civilian murders.

Russia commits genocide against the Ukrainian people on a daily basis, massacring civilians. On 29 March, the army of the aggressor country launched a missile attack on a kindergarten in Avdeevka, Donetsk region. The purpose of the premeditated attack on the kindergarten is to destroy the young generation, which is being brought up in the spirit of patriotism and love for their country.

In the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, Russian troops openly bully and coerce the local population. In Energodar, Zaporizhzhya Region, the Russians have set up special places where NPP employees are interrogated and beaten. By such actions, Ukrainians are being forced to take Russia's side. The population of temporarily occupied Crimea is also subjected to violence. Crimean authorities are preparing for a Ukrainian counterattack, so the local population is forced to dig trenches and build fortifications. Also, the occupation troops deliberately mine houses in populated areas so that, under the guise of inspections and demining, they can freely search and loot the flats of local residents.

It can be noted that more than 8 thousand Ukrainian civilians have been killed as a result of Russian aggression and 14 thousand civilians have been wounded. This data was documented by the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine.

The Russian Federation is the world's number one terrorist state, its army commits crimes and bears no responsibility. Only the supply of Western modern weapons and ammunition will put the aggressor in its place and bring peace back not only to Ukraine, but also to the countries of Eastern Europe.

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