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Kremlin's information aggression


Russia's launched an unprecedented information campaign against Ukraine.

The Russian Federation has been waging a hybrid war against Ukraine for years. After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian special services started actively discrediting Kyiv with international partners and allies. But with the Russian army "bogged down" in Ukraine and no longer capable of offensive action, Moscow is throwing its weight behind a new and unprecedented information campaign to dissuade the West from military assistance.

Moscow is spreading disinformation about the Ukrainian army's problems, conflicts within the top military and political leadership, dwindling resources and the inability to carry out further offensives in order to thus sow doubt in the West about the likelihood of Kyiv's victory over Moscow. Vladimir Putin is trying to weaken the support of the Western world for Ukraine and to break off Kyiv's relations with its allies, the US and European Union countries. To do this, Russian agents of influence are being stepped up across Europe, and the Kremlin's corrupt business lobby is being brought in. Also, in order to distract Ukraine's partners and provoke panic, Russia is supporting unrest in European countries, such as the pension protests in France.

In response to such special operations, Western countries should step up aid to Ukraine, as this is a signal that Russia has run out of steam, which means that we are coming to the end game. Only a powerful coalition of the entire civilised world will be able to subdue Moscow and stop its aggression against the Ukrainian people, who are now defending not only Ukraine but also the whole of Europe against an aggressor who would be only too happy to invade the European Union.

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