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Mail Bomb Campaign in Spain leaves audit trail to Moscow?


Was Russian military intelligence behind the distribution of bombs by mail in Spain in 2022? IFBG has received intelligence from credible sources that the terrorist state of Russia is not giving up its attempts to destabilise Europe.

This will not have been the first time that the Russian authorities have given their security forces wide latitude to develop and conduct covert special operations in Europe. In doing so, the Kremlin is once again demonstrating that it is not just a sponsor of international terrorism, but that the Russian authorities have turned their country from an international mafia into an international terrorist organization led by a mafia regime.

The intelligence officers responsible for the campaign to send parcels with explosive devices to Spanish government and strategic facilities and the Ukrainian diplomatic mission most likely hoped to take European officials by surprise and also tested the use of puppet groups in case they wanted to use them for escalation in the future.

The alleged purpose of the "mail bomb" campaign was to relay a message that Russia could use its agents to organize terrorist attacks in Europe and take revenge on countries that actively assist Ukraine in its fight against the terrorist state. So far, Russian officials have refrained from doing so for fear of NATO's reaction.

Putin may still consider such a pressure tool if Russia continues to suffer major military setbacks in Ukraine.

The involvement of organizations such as the Russian Imperial Movement, a far-right monarchist imperialist group that has like-minded people in Europe and is believed to have ties to Russian intelligence, could be beneficial to Russian intelligence services in the future. The use of such organizations, which are not formally directly linked to state structures, allows them to shift direct responsibility for their actions to the Kremlin.

Despite any attempts by Russia to destabilize Europe, civilized countries must become stronger in countering such manifestations, and tougher sanctions must continue to be applied to the terrorist state.

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