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Military Serfdom


Russia has introduced a system of total control of all conscripts. If anyone thought that the mobilisation, which started back in September, could be easily skipped, the realities are now very different. Having assessed the scale of draft evasion and millions of people fleeing abroad, the Russian Ministry of Defence realised the need for radical measures. The Shoigu-Gerasimov team's response was a system of electronic summonses. As a result, the Duma passed a law on a unified register of servicemen, thus creating a mechanism of guaranteed dispatch for the disposal of the whole male population.

The entire male population is now under the hood: the military enlistment office will receive data from the Federal Tax Service, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Central Election Commission, the Ministry of Education, and even regular clinics. Employers and universities will use "Gosuslugi" (State Services website/application) to provide information on military recruits needed to register for military service. An account on Gosuslugi can only be deleted when visiting a Multifunctional Centre for the provision of state and municipal services, and deleting an account on Gosuslugi will not save one from a summons.

A new reality has arrived in Russia: a dodger will no longer sell a car/apartment by proxy, and the military registration office will even know about his dual citizenship. The military registry will contain a number of restrictions for citizens who fail to appear on the summons, including the registration of property rights. The right to private property was abolished today and serfdom has been introduced.

Contrary to the provisions of the Russian Constitution, the remaining 63 million men in the country are completely defrocked. An electronic summons is deemed served after seven days from the date of its posting on the State Services, even if the conscript has not seen it. After that, travel restrictions are implemented, driving licenses are revoked, and the ability to conduct business is blocked. In effect, the Russian citizen has become a hostage.

No one has any illusions that the state will limit itself to electronic summonses. The next stage will be the introduction of compulsory registration on Gosuslugi. Later, an article will appear in the Criminal Code which will carry a penalty of up to ten years in prison if you don't fill out the form yourself and ask your mate major to send you to the trenches. And citizens of Russia will face a choice: go to the trenches to die directly through the military recruitment office, or first go to the colony, and there will be a forced contract with the PMC to voluntarily sign and go to die as a mercenary. No other options are provided.

Obviously, electronic summonses will not only apply to conscripts. With a single click, almost everyone can now be sent to the trenches, without regard to deferments, health status, marital status, and other circumstances.

Another non-obvious point: how many young people will now be squeezed into the grey and near-criminal sphere. When one does not want to lose arms and legs in the black earth, travel abroad is closed, and all legal opportunities to realize themselves, including obtaining a loan or driving a car, are inaccessible. Add to this the return of older comrades from the zone and the trenches, multiplied by the poverty and hopelessness of the regions, and the wild 90s will already seem like Disneyland compared to what awaits Russians now.

Russia's Duma has also allowed schoolchildren to sign military contracts immediately after graduation and go to the front - they no longer have to wait three months for enlistment. Previously, this time was allotted for military training before signing a contract.

According to the Federal State Statistics Service, in 2022, the number of employees under the age of 35 declined by 1.3 million and reached a historic low. Russians aged 25-29 are particularly hard hit.

The other side has also been revealed: the progressive future of the country, the intellectual elite, the IT people, whose names were pronounced with a gasp until recently, now occupy the most honourable place in the bandit-criminal hierarchy, pushing aside the employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Federal Tax Service. Someone who has become a policeman will simply beat you with a truncheon and empty your pockets. A graduate of Moscow State University's Faculty of Mechanics will fix his glasses and send an entire village to die in the trenches with one button. Everyone will hate the former, while the latter will tweet a thread explaining, with quotes from philosophers, that everything is not so unambiguous, and everyone will love him.

The Duma also approved an amendment allowing Russians to enlist in the military reserve even without their personal appearance. Such decisions could signal that Russia is preparing for a second wave of mobilisation. In particular, electronic summonses could be sent to all Russians at once - and this would mean a de facto closure of borders for men.

The additional mobilisation of 500,000 men in the coming months is not only needed to make up for the 200,000 at the front. Shoigu plans to demobilise from the front those who have fought for 1.5 years. The lucky ones are now coming back, and with them, the horrors of "special military operation" will disperse throughout Russia. Having survived the inferno, they will now unquestioningly capture and send others to be slaughtered. There will not be a family in Russia that has not been scorched by war. Russians are note able to sit out the storm, wait for the bad things to fall apart, and reap the rewards happily in another country.

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