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Modern Western Weapons Factor in Success of UAF


Modern Western weapons have become a factor in the success of the Ukrainian Armed Forces

On 28 August, the Ukrainian Defence Ministry officially announced the liberation of Rabotino village in the Zaporizhzhya Region. A few days earlier, on 17 August, the Ukrainian Armed Forces liberated the village of Urozhayne in the Donetsk Region. The Ukrainian army has now wedged itself into the Russian defence in the south-eastern direction of the front. Modern Western weapons are proving their superiority over their Russian counterparts and creating preconditions for a further offensive in the south-east towards Mariupol.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are confidently attacking the Russian army's positions - the liberation of Urozhayne means that the Ukrainian army has reached the second line of Russian defence. At the moment, the Russian army is experiencing an acute shortage of trained soldiers and weapons - even outdated T-55 tanks are being removed from warehouses. In contrast, the Ukrainian army uses computer technology to monitor the situation at the front in real time, and a wide range of UAVs for both attack and reconnaissance, are on duty 24 hours a day on the line of combat contact.

Also notable is the tactic of using small mobile groups to identify Russian army firing positions, which are then destroyed by artillery or MLRS fire. This approach has two advantages: it makes it possible to stretch the Russian forces and means along the entire front line, weakening their defence and, at the same time, avoiding heavy losses among Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel, which would otherwise be inevitable in the event of a mass attack on Russian positions.

Ukraine is confidently confirming its successes on the battlefield. The decision by the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway to provide F-16 fighter jets to the Ukrainian Armed Forces is also in favour of this. This is an encouraging signal, testifying to the continued support of the West for Ukraine. There are 61 fighter jets provisionally announced, which will be handed over to Ukraine after Ukrainian pilots receive proper training. Modern fighter jets and long-range missiles for the Ukrainian army will not only provide an opportunity to speed up the liberation of the occupied territory of Ukraine, but will also provide a guarantee of peace and security for Europe.

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