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Strengthening Ukraine's Patriot Missile Defence Systems


Additional Patriot deliveries to Ukraine will save the lives of thousands of Ukrainians

During May, Russia launched 17 massive missile and drone attacks on Ukrainian cities, primarily Kyiv. The Russians main goal now is to inflict the maximum possible civilian casualties and the destruction of Ukraine's civilian infrastructure. 

They have begun to use aerial ballistic and ballistic missiles - on 29 May and 1 June they fired Iskander missiles at Kyiv. Had it not been for Western air defence systems, civilian casualties in the Ukrainian capital could have been counted in the thousands. Additional Patriot deliveries are an urgent priority: this US air defence system shoots down virtually all types of Russian-made missiles.

Contrary to the opinion that the Russian military-industrial complex will not be able to produce cruise and ballistic missiles under sanctions, actually this production may even have increased. There is no other explanation for the dramatically increased frequency of shelling of Ukraine cannot be explained. The Russian Federation has used dozens of X-101/555 cruise missiles, making it necessary for additional supplies of Patriot SAMs to create a reliable defence of the skies over Ukraine. 

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte supported Zelenskyy's initiative to set up the Patriot Coalition. In the long term, a deep-echelon air defence system should protect the skies not only over Ukraine but also over every EU/NATO country, as the expansion of Russian missile terror cannot be ruled out.

The Russian army is weakened and cannot achieve any convincing results on the battlefield in Ukraine, but the Russian military-industrial complex continues to produce missiles and import Iranian drones. 

After a counter-offensive by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the liberation of Ukraine's occupied territories, we can anticipate a vengeful Russia that may shell Ukrainian cities for years as and when it produces freshly manufactured missiles. This risks becoming an integral part of the lives of Ukrainians. We therefore need to think now about the options to strengthen Ukraine's air defence - and how this can contribute to strengthening air space over Europe.

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