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Putin's Terrorist State Must be Defeated


As a result of the latest attack on Kyiv, during which the Russians used Shahed 136/131 attack drones, 26 out of 33 UAVs were destroyed in Ukrainian airspace. Over 20 drones were defused by air defence systems over the Kyiv region alone. Russia is predicted to increase such attacks with the onset of cold weather, and drones are becoming a cheaper alternative to missiles. The supply of air defence equipment and anti-drone guns to the Ukrainian Armed Forces are becoming particularly important.

Putin does not have sufficient military resources for an offensive against Kyiv, the key Russian objective in launching a full-scale invasion. But they also lack resources for defence along the battle line, which the Ukrainian military is consistently destroying. So the Kremlin is making systematic attacks on the housing infrastructure of Ukrainian cities as a tool of revenge against the Ukrainians he hates and seeks to enslave.

In its turn, Iran directly contributes to the genocide of Ukrainians: on 07 September, an Iranian transport aircraft IL-76TD belonging to Pouya Air stayed in Crimea - this was reported by the Flightradar24 flight service. It should be noted that systematic flights of similar cargo planes from Iran to Russia have been recorded since last autumn. Since that time, attacks with the help of attack drones on Ukrainian cities have been taking place - cooperation between the two terrorist countries continues and its result has been the deaths of Ukrainian civilians.

Russia must be stopped and its crimes against Ukrainians must be brought to a halt. Putin is committing deliberate genocide of an entire population defined by its nationality. The Russian army is running out of manpower, but missiles and attack drones will continue to cause casualties and destruction in Ukraine. The Ukrainian Armed Forces must be given all the weapons they need to defend their people from the hostile aggression of the worst war criminal of our time.

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