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Putin Sends Assassins to Europe


Russia wantsa to systematically destabilise Europe with the help of assassins demobilised from the front. The presence of criminals disguised as migrants from Russia, the destructive activities of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the use of agents of influence from the Russian diaspora are just some of the tools Russia employs to create an invisible threat to Europe. The only way to counter these efforts is to pay close attention to everything that is directly or indirectly related to Russia. In the next month, Europe may be swept by a wave of professional killers and rapists - the apotheosis of Putin's attempt to destroy Western civilisation.

Russia is mobilising its prison population for war - even the Russian Ministry of Defence has recently become involved. As of April 2023, at least 50,000 prisoners were recruited from all prisons in Russia, including those convicted of serious crimes such as murder and rape, and including those suffering from infectious disease such as HIV, syphilis and hepatitis. There are at least 10 thousand of them in the ranks of the Wagner Group. After six months of service, they will be pardoned. An army of such professional killers is highly undesirable in Russia, so most of them will be ordered to hide in the EU with the mission to destabilize it. This is one of the key threats to Europe - a "tsunami" of Russian criminals with combat experience and practical terrorist skills. Two mercenaries of the Wagner Group have already been detained in Moldova for trying to infiltrate the country for an unclear purpose. These mercenaries had combat experience (fighting against Ukraine) and they used Moldova as a transit country for onward entry into the EU.

An equally significant threat to the EU is the Russian Orthodox Church ('ROC RF'). The Archdiocese of the Russian Orthodox Churches in Western Europe comprises 125 parishes in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and other countries. It brings together thousands of parishioners across Europe. The ROC is a powerful propaganda tool for the Kremlin and also a de facto branch of the Russian secret services. Back in 2014, when Russia invaded eastern Ukraine, the Sviatogorsk Lavra in the Donetsk region of Ukraine housed arms depots and Orthodox priests preached the killing of Ukrainians by consecrating weapons. After the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops in 2022, Patriarch Kirill - the head of the Russian Orthodox Church - immediately came out in support of the war. In Europe, the Russian Orthodox Church collaborates with parishioners from the Russian diaspora, who are used for espionage purposes, seeking out Europeans sympathetic to Russia, who can then be manipulated to further the Kremlin's aims. There are at least 3 million Russians living in EU countries who migrated there after the collapse of the USSR. They do not assimilate and do not adopt the European way of life - this is their distinctive feature, which facilitates the search for agents of influence for the Russian Federation in their ranks. Russians in the EU are a source of potential destabilisation, and the ROC is not so much a religious organisation as an appendage of the Kremlin secret services, working to fulfill Putin's destructive aims.

It is important to strictly control the activities of the Russian Orthodox Church, and its involvement in the public life of the host countries. The same applies to Russian enterprises and diplomatic institutions in the EU. In order to inform the public in EU countries about the emergence of a completely new threat - Russian hybrid aggression - roundtable discussions, lectures, and content on this topic need to be organised. Russia wants to bring genocide to European countries - it is crucial to stop it in time before the atoms of Putin's evil are spread across Europe.

The economic and military capabilities of Russia and Europe are not comparable, so Putin is focusing on hybrid threats, which are difficult to identify. Close monitoring of everything related to Russia is a necessary solution to pre-empt Putin's covert terror. Banning visas and residence permits for Russians is an inevitable step if Europe wants to prevent the influx of Russian spies and criminals.

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