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Rammstein Confirms Ukraine Support


Following the 16th meeting of the Rammstein format, Ukraine has received another package of military aid - its value may amount to half a billion dollars, at the moment there are verbal agreements to be finalised. Meanwhile, Washington has agreed to allocate another tranche of 200m dollars, including ammunition for air defence systems, anti-tank and aviation missiles, and artillery shells.

Russia will try to use winter as a weapon in its war with Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said. The Russian Air Force may use many attack UAVs against Ukraine's energy infrastructure in the near future. Also, the Russians practically do not use missiles - only ballistic missiles are used sporadically against frontline and border settlements of Ukraine. Russia is stockpiling a missile arsenal that will be used during massive attacks on Ukraine after the onset of appreciable cold weather.

The West is aware of the threat Russia poses, which can be overcome by providing all possible assistance to Ukraine. This is confirmed by the words of US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin, who assured Ukraine of continued support. Contrary to the geopolitical turbulence in the world, the West will not stop providing assistance to Ukraine, which is the key to preventing Russian territorial expansion into Europe. Russia has created too many threats to Europe - countering them depends on timely arms deliveries to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. In this respect, Rammstein will continue to be the optimal platform to discuss assistance to the Ukrainian army.

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