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Ramstein Brings Victory Closer


The 15th Ramstein meeting will be held in Germany on 19 September. The new Ukrainian Defence Minister, Rustem Umerov, will be among those present and will hold his first meeting with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin since his appointment. Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' successful counteroffensive, this meeting will send a positive signal to Ukraine as it defends its freedom and independence.

The last meeting in the Ramstein format took place on 18 July, at which time the main priority was the provision of air defence equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Today, these weapons are still relevant: as winter weather approaches, the Russians are stockpiling missiles to terrorise Ukraine's energy infrastructure in order to deprive Ukrainians of electricity and heat. Modern air defence systems capable of shooting down ballistic missiles and sufficient ammunition for them are the key to saving the lives of thousands of Ukrainian civilians.

Long-range missiles are a separate, no less important priority for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The use of British Storm Shadow missiles has shown how vulnerable Russian military equipment and weapons depots are; the Russian military-industrial complex cannot compete with the West. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces receive American long-range ATACMS missiles, their further use against legitimate military targets in the occupied territories will cause a strategic turning point in the war and accelerate the defeat of the Russians.

The 15th Ramstein meeting clearly indicates the growing support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces and a strong signal that the West will stand with Ukraine until its complete victory over the Russian Federation. Modern Western weapons are the only way to stop the genocide of Ukrainians committed by the Russian army. Its supplies must be stable and timely - with their help, the Ukrainian army will liberate Ukraine's territories and restore peace to Europe.

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