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Rosatom - a tool for Russia's Expansion into Europe


For decades, Russia has created a resource dependency in Europe on Russian raw materials. It is not just a question of Russian oil or natural gas. Using the know-how of Soviet nuclear physicists, Russia has succeeded in making Europe dependent on Russian nuclear technology. Each year Rosatom receives at least $9 billion as a result of nuclear fuel exports, and maintaining nuclear power stations in the EU. Every dollar received by the terrorist state is used to wage war against Ukraine

Rosatom has not yet been sanctioned - even though it imports components for Russian tanks and aircraft. Russia has exploited every loophole to circumvent the sanctions already imposed, and Rosatom has become one of the main instruments that uses Europe's dependence to directly contribute to strengthening the Russian military machine. During his February address to the nation, President Putin made several statements concerning nuclear weapons, notably calling for the Russian Ministry of Defence and Rosatom to be prepared to ensure readiness for the testing of Russian nuclear weapons.

The personal sanctions imposed by the UK on some Rosatom executives were a nuisance for them, but a much more effective and tangible blow would have been if the European Union, the US, Canada, and other partners had applied extensive personal sanctions against all Rosatom management, its divisions and then all Rosatom enterprises.

The 11th sanctions package to be adopted against Russia should include the Russian nuclear sector and initiate restrictions on imports of Russian enriched uranium. The terrorist state is exploiting not only the raw material but also the 'nuclear' dependence of European countries to keep Europe out of its sphere of influence. At one time, the USSR built a number of power plants in the countries of the so-called "Warsaw Pact" - Soviet-type nuclear power plants were indeed a source of cheap electricity that was produced in large quantities, but also posed a threat of potential radioactive contamination. This is another argument in favour of abandoning the services of the Russian nuclear sector and switching to the safer American production of materials.

Russia has unleashed a war of invasion unthinkable by 21st-century standards, and it must be punished for that. Its weakening must be systematic and affect not only the army, but also the economy, the budget, and innovative technology. Russia must be set back by decades - only in this way will the civilised world rid itself of the threat of territorial expansion.

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