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Russia Bombards Ukraine's Border Residents


Russia deliberately bombards Ukrainian border territories to maximise civilian casualties.

Russia has significantly intensified shelling of Ukraine's border and frontline territories - 248 explosions were recorded in Sumy Region alone on 19 August. The Russian army used mortars and also launched unguided aerial missiles from helicopters. Putin's goal is to cause as much destruction and casualties among the civilian population of Ukraine as possible. To this end he bombards even border villages where there are no military facilities. Russia is a terrorist state that kills civilians, it should receive new sanctions and find itself in international isolation.

Russian forces are using a wide range of weapons, bombarding populated areas in Ukraine - from large-calibre machine guns and mortars to heavy artillery and MLRSs. They use the existing stockpile of Soviet weapons which are sufficient to terrorise Ukrainian civilians for years. Putin's failure in this war seems to spur him to take his revenge against civilians. On August 18, a 72-year-old local resident was killed during the bombing of Kherson, and an Iskander-M ballistic missile strike on Chernihiv city centre on August 19 killed 7 citizens, including a 6-year-old girl. Putin's propaganda gleefully reacted to this crime - Russia does not even hide the fact that its goal is genocide of Ukrainians. 

The Ukrainian armed forces critically need supplies of modern defensive weapons - this is the only way to stop the Russian army's crimes by keeping its firing positions in check. Russia is a threat to the entire civilised world, and it must be stopped in Ukraine or the war will spill over into Europe.

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