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Russia Provokes Spontaneous Violence in Middle East


The conflict between Israel and Hamas is rapidly gaining momentum - the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) on 11 October announced its readiness to join Hezbollah in fighting Israel. On the same day, Khalid Mashal, a top Hamas leader, called on Muslims around the world to begin spontaneous pogroms against Jews on Friday 13 October. If something like this starts happening in the countries of Europe, the West will have an unprecedented number of challenges and threats that are dangerously favourable to Russia.

There are millions of Muslims in Western Europe, with at least 2 million Middle Easterners in Germany alone. The intensification of anti-Israeli rhetoric due to the IDF's actions in the Gaza Strip could not only provoke a full-scale war in the Middle East, but also hit Europe. Putin, in turn, is interested in weakening the West through hybrid influence - Russian security services have vast experience in organising protests that escalate into spontaneous violence. The rhetoric of Hamas and Iran is definitely aligned with the Russian Federation, whose mainstream media outlets are writing directly about the inevitable unrest in European cities in the coming days.

Humanity faces unprecedented risks created by Russia and its allies. The West needs to organise itself and jointly confront the current challenges and threats in order to preserve its civilisation. Russia wants to start a war in the Middle East using its proxies, but such a conflict has the potential to escalate into World War III. In this respect, Europe needs to be more united than ever: unity and self-confidence will help to defend its democratic values. 

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Russia Provokes Spontaneous Violence in Middle Eas...
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