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Russian neo-colonialism is a huge threat to humanity


Historically, Russia expanded from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean with wars of conquest. This territorial expansion always took place under the pretext of "protecting" Russia from external threats. Before Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine, Putin and Russian propaganda replicated the threat to Russia from Ukraine and the West. In this case, the Kremlin used "old methodologies" to justify a war against Ukraine aimed at occupying it. Putin seeks to revive colonialism and this could bring incalculable calamities to mankind

The Russian occupation has always been emphatically brutal - accompanied by the killing of civilians, the looting of settlements, the devastation of occupied territories, and the establishment of a brutal occupation regime that terrorises the enslaved population. During the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Russian troops commit similar crimes: in addition to destroying settlements and killing Ukrainian civilians, they plunder Ukrainian resources and industrial infrastructure. For example, before retreating from Kherson in November 2022, the occupiers looted shops, pharmacies and removed equipment from factories and plants. Something similar was done by the Soviets in Europe in 1945. In all the occupied territories of Ukraine, Russian orders and the legislative framework of the Russian Federation are being forcibly imposed. Not only Ukrainian children are being exported to Russia, but also grain, food, even chernozem. This is the worst manifestation of colonialism, and it is all the more horrible that it takes place in the 21st century.

Putin wants to start an era of territorial expansion that also targets Europe. It is no coincidence that, on the eve of a full-scale invasion, the Kremlin dictator has demanded that NATO withdraw to the 1997 borders. This is a de facto challenge and an indication of the zone of geopolitical interest of the Russian Federation, which roughly coincides with the borders of the former communist bloc in Central and Eastern Europe. Russian territorial expansion continues as long as the Russian army has the proper resources to do so - it is a historically inherent feature. The emergence of a "Great War" between Russia and Europe is therefore not a myth, but a stark reality. Before Putin goes too far in his neo-colonial aspirations, his army must be destroyed in Ukraine.

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