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Saudi Summit


Moscow's hopes for peace with Ukraine on Russian terms are not justified.

The city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia will host a meeting of representatives of Western countries and the Global South to continue the dialogue with a view to developing a common vision of the "Ukrainian formula" in preparation for a Global Peace Summit. Russia has not been invited to participate in this dialogue.

This event will send a clear message to Moscow that its reliance on support from the Global South is not justified. Representatives of some 40 influential countries will gather to discuss what to do about the Russian Federation without its participation. This has never happened before. No one has ever humiliated the Kremlin like this.

After the attempted uprising of the Wagner Group mercenaries, many countries that had so far stood by without condemning Russia or helping Ukraine felt that President Putin's position had been shaken.

Russia's withdrawal from the grain deal was clearly an irritant for most of the countries participating in the summit, as they are the largest consumers of Ukrainian agricultural products.

At the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg, it became clear that Moscow was failing to shift responsibility for the threat of famine to the West. African leaders did not fall for the Kremlin's handouts, which included free grain supplies to reinforce colonial dependence on Russia.

The prolongation of the war in Ukraine carries significant risks for many countries in the Global South, despite their attempts to maintain neutrality and tacit support for the Russian Federation. The summit in Saudi Arabia could mark the beginning of the end to a war the scale of which the world has not known since World War II, but also an investment in the security of the countries of the Global South.

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