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Stopping Putin


The Russian threat: The "Bucha tragedy" will be repeated in every European country unless Putin is stopped

It is historically characteristic of Russia to wage wars of aggression. Events in Ukraine prove that Russia in the 21st century is not only capable of unprovoked aggression to invade a sovereign state, but also commits numerous war crimes against civilians in the occupied territories. The West needs to work together to develop a format for countering Russia, which is preparing for a protracted war, the ultimate goal of which is the invasion of European countries.

The 11th Rammstein meeting once again demonstrated the solidarity of the civilised world with Ukraine defending its freedom and independence. After 24 February, Ukraine became the shield to protect Europe from Russian invasion. Putin had long been preparing for a protracted war to seize more territory, and if the Ukrainian army had not stopped the Russians at the outskirts of Kyiv, hostilities could already be taking place in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Putin has placed the power of the Russian economy on a war footing, and the electronic subpoenas indicate that general mobilisation has already begun in Russia. This is an existential threat to Europe. Unlike the USSR, which had clear foreign policy objectives and limits to its geopolitical appetite, Putin's Russia can objectively exist only in a state of senseless war with the rest of the world, limiting itself to peaceful dialogue only with other dictators.

The war started by Putin will never stop unless Russia is stopped by force: a dramatic increase in the production of modern, high-tech weapons is the key to the survival of Western civilisation. Ukraine is paying with the lives of its citizens to ensure that peace remains in Europe. Putin is determined to change the existing world order and wants to create strategic fragility: to exhaust and weaken the West in order to subsequently invade and commit the most repulsive war crimes unchecked: murder, rape, looting, and destruction of entire populated areas. Europe last experienced experienced such horrors in the Second World War of 1939 - 1945. It still remains to be seen whether the West will apply sufficient foresight and succeed in delivering to Ukraine the essential ammunition, weapons and equipment it needs for the defence of Europe itself.

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