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Success for Ukraine in the Black Sea


The Ukrainian armed forces are confidently destroying the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

On 14 October, 3 ships entered the ports of the Odesa region at once, among them were 2 record-breakers of the Ukrainian grain corridor. Since September 16 of this year, 28 cargo ships have left the Black Sea ports of Ukraine, with their help Ukraine exported over 1 million tonnes of grain. Against the background of the rapid loss of the military potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Ukrainian grain corridor functions without Russia's participation - this is the only possible way to resume exports of Ukrainian grain and, consequently, to prevent global hunger. All that is required for this is modern missiles and air defence systems, because the Russian terrorists continue to strike Ukraine's port infrastructure.

On 13 October, the AFU added to the list of losses of the Russian Black Sea Fleet: a maritime drone, which suffered serious damage, as well as a tugboat, hit the Pavel Derzhavin ship. In September this year, Russia lost a submarine for the first time since the end of World War II: the AFU destroyed a submarine in Sevastopol dock with a precision strike. Such events are carefully concealed by Russian propaganda and show the Russians' lack of effective air defence - even deep in the Russian rear, military facilities are completely vulnerable.

The destruction of the military potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is a prerequisite not only for Ukraine's victory over Russia but also for the safety of navigation in the north-western part of the Black Sea. Unless the AFU receives long-range missiles such as ATACMS, Taurus, and GLSDB guided bombs - the list of military targets hit by the Russian Federation will begin to expand rapidly. The military potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet must be completely destroyed, all Russian warships must leave occupied Crimea - this can be achieved by supplying modern long-range missiles.

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