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Successful Attack on Kerch Shipyard


The Ukrainian Armed Forces have carried out a successful attack on a Kerch shipyard.

On 4th November, the Ukrainian armed forces launched a precision cruise missile attack on the Zaliv shipyard in Kerch, on the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea. Preliminarily, French SCALP-EG cruise missiles were used. In addition to a direct hit on the plant, the missile ship Askold, a carrier of Kalibr missiles, was seriously damaged. The AFU claim that the military victory is a stain on Putin's reputation.

Russian air defence systems have proved helpless against modern types of Western missiles. Thanks to the steady supply of these weapons by Ukraine's Western allies, the combat potential of the Russian Black Sea Fleet is rapidly diminishing. The Russian Black Sea Fleet is used by Russia to commit war crimes: strikes on Ukraine's civilian infrastructure, naval blockades, and forced inspections of ships of third countries. With more successful strikes like this, the Russian Black Sea Fleet may lose its combat effectiveness. This is in the interests of every civilised state.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces are capable of defeating Russia provided that the weapons necessary are supplied in good time. The range of challenges and threats posed by Putin is such that the Russian army must be comprehensively weakened; not only its ground forces but also navy, and combat aviation. The loss of Russia's offensive potential is a key condition for peace and territorial integrity in Europe. If the Ukrainian Armed Forces receive the necessary weapons, they will do an excellent job.

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