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Support for Ukraine


Support for Ukraine is crucial to maintaining the West's status quo.

The new speaker of the US House of Representatives, Mike Johnson, has suggested that aid for Ukraine and Israel be considered separately. This statement caused an immediate reaction in the Russian media: propaganda telegram channels began to openly write that if support for Ukraine is reduced, the Russian army will intensify hostilities. Consequently, Putin's revenge, in addition to mass war crimes against Ukrainian civilians, will inspire the totalitarian states of the day (and many of them are allies of the Kremlin) to launch wars of conquest against their neighbours. This is Putin's intention: to create so many regional wars and conflicts on the periphery of the Western world that the latter collapses under their onslaught.

Supporting Ukraine is crucial to maintaining global stability. Despite obvious military failures, Putin has not given up the idea of seizing Ukraine. Moreover, he is actively creating a geopolitical "axis of evil" of our time - Hamas' visit to Moscow is a confirmation of this trend. The Russian army is too weak for a direct confrontation with the West, which Putin hates and openly calls an enemy. Therefore, the Kremlin is creating a fertile ground for scaling conflicts around the world: if China and the DPRK follow Putin's example, there is a threat to Taiwan and South Korea respectively. These states, like Ukraine, are allies of the West. Accordingly, the Kremlin's goal is to weaken the West as much as possible, especially the United States, which is the flagship of the Western world.

Russia's invasion of Ukraine has demonstrated that wars of conquest are more than possible in the 21st century. If the Ukrainian armed forces fail to stop the enemy's onslaught and retake Russian-occupied territories, it will set a very dangerous precedent that will plunge humanity into a state of war. Further support for Ukraine and defeating Russia are the main conditions for a peaceful future in the Western world.

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