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The Third Reich of Modern Times


On 05 September Putin once again voiced anti-Semitic statements, accusing Zelenskyy, who has Jewish roots, of supporting Nazism. A very similar statement was made by Putin on 13 June this year during a meeting with Russian war correspondents, when Putin also said that Zelenskyy supports Nazism. It seems that anti-Semitism in the Russian Federation does not just exist and grow stronger, but has become a certain vector that determines state policy. Last May, Sergey Lavrov provoked an international scandal by talking about Hitler's allegedly Jewish origins. The Russian chief diplomat's reservation in no way affected the rhetoric of the Kremlin, which has put Rashism at the heart of Russia's state ideology.

According to  conservative estimates, at least 165,000 Jews live in Russia, while the real number may be around one million. All of them are at risk of becoming victims of the misanthropic policy cultivated among Russians. Anti-Semitism has always existed in the Russian Federation: it can even be argued that Russia has been and remains one of the most hostile states towards Jews. Back in the days of the Russian Empire, the scale of Jewish pogroms was such that it is more appropriate to call them deliberate genocide, to which the authorities and law enforcement agencies turned a blind eye. At the beginning of the 20th century, in a number of settlements in the south-western part of the Russian Empire, a Jew could be killed with impunity - only a small part of the cities were spared from pogroms.

History repeats itself: after 100 years, Putin's Russia is experiencing a resurgence of anti-Semitism. Putin's Judophobic rhetoric is unhealthy - although he tries to hide it. After the invasion of Ukraine, between 50,000 and 65,000 Jews emigrated from Russia because of growing xenophobia in Russian society. Putin doesn't just hate all non-Russians - he is trying to exterminate them even outside the Russian Federation - that's why the Russian army is carrying out the policy of genocide of the Ukrainian nation. This is a threat to the whole world: Russia is a nuclear state with a hateful ideology. Every country in the world must do its part to stop the impending catastrophe: sanctions, international isolation for the Russian Federation, severing diplomatic relations, trade embargoes - this is the only way to stop the Third Reich of modern times.

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