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Ukraine's Counter-Offensive


The Ukrainian army is successfully advancing in the Melitopol direction, which will soon make it possible to deprive the Russian Federation of a land corridor to Crimea

The Ukrainian armed forces are successfully operating against the Russian army, gradually pushing it back from its positions and breaking through the fortified defence lines used by the Russians. The fighting is taking place directly on the first line of defence, the breakthrough of which took place in two areas - near the village of Rabotino in Zaporizhzhya region and the village of Urozhayne in the Donetsk region. The Ukrainian army is already consolidating its position.

During the counteroffensive, Ukraine relies heavily on the tactic of using small assault groups to capture small areas that are Russian army strongholds. Although drones and artillery are heavily used in the fighting, the driving force behind the Ukrainian counteroffensive is hundreds of small assault groups, often consisting of only 8-10 soldiers.

Today the Ukrainian Armed Forces are seeking to split the front line into two parts by liberating Tokmak and then Melitopol, which will allow them to cut off Russia's land corridor to Crimea. Many military experts are already talking about the inevitable liberation of Tokmak - similar to Kherson, the Russian army will be forced to retreat.

In order to fulfil its goal of liberating Melitopol and Berdyansk and reaching the coast of the Sea of Azov, the Ukrainian Armed Forces are conducting a gradual, powerful offensive operation that the world has not seen in the last 80 years since World War II. After that, Ukraine will be able to put pressure on Russian supply routes, which will undoubtedly play an important role in the further full liberation of Ukraine's territories.

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