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Air Defence Supplies


Air defence supplies are critical for preserving Ukraine's energy infrastructure. The Russian Air Force has intensified the use of attack drones against Ukraine: during September, the Russians used about 500 UAVs. Russian media openly writes that the production of attack drones is one of the main tasks for the Russian military-industrial complex. T...

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Russians Forced to Transfer Reserves to Front Line


The Ukrainian Armed Forces are confidently destroying the enemy and Russians have been forced to transfer additional reserves to the frontline. Due to heavy losses in the Russian army, the command of the Russian Defence Ministry decided to transfer two undermanned armies to the front line ahead of schedule. Their deployment on the ba...

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Stoltenberg's visit to Kyiv confirms NATO's course of support for Ukraine


On 28 September, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Kyiv on an unannounced visit. During his meeting with President Zelenskyy, the sides discussed issues of Ukraine's military cooperation with the alliance. Particular attention was paid to strengthening Ukrainian air defence against the background of continuous missile and drone att...

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Battlefield Success


Western weapons are bringing tangible results for the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the battlefield. On 26-27 September, the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out a series of effective offensives against the positions of the Russian Armed Forces. In particular, the Ukrainian defenders once again advanced in the Zaporizhzhya direction, occupying the northe...

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Circumvention of sanctions


Russia continues to circumvent Western IT and energy sanctions. While the United States and the European Union are teaming up to provide Ukraine with weapons to continue fighting the Russian army, their own technology is being used by Moscow to fight back. Circumvention schemes and other flaws in the sanctions have been found in areas such as defen...

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Anti-Putin Coalition Increases Support for Ukraine


Following the visit of Volodymyr Zelenskyy to the USA, a number of important agreements with Ukraine were reached. In particular, on the issue of joint arms production with the USA and the creation of hubs for repair and maintenance of US military equipment in service with the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The volume of military aid is also increasi...

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Increased Support for Ukraine


The West has once again increased its support for Ukraine. On 19 September, two important world events took place: the opening of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly and the 15th meeting in the Rammstein format, where the provision of military aid to the Ukrainian Armed Forces was considered. As a result of these events, the West ...

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Air Defence Vital for Ukraine


On 17 September, the Russian army carried out another attack using drones and cruise missiles on Ukrainian cities. The attack hit the south of the Odesa region, where an agricultural enterprise was hit. Ukraine's air defence destroyed all 6 UAVs as well as 6 out of 10 X-101/X-555 cruise missiles. The missiles manoeuvred over Ukrainian territor...

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Ramstein Brings Victory Closer


The 15th Ramstein meeting will be held in Germany on 19 September. The new Ukrainian Defence Minister, Rustem Umerov, will be among those present and will hold his first meeting with US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin since his appointment. Against the backdrop of the Ukrainian Armed Forces' successful counteroffensive, this meeting will send a posi...

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Crushing Blow to Russian Fleet


Using Western weapons, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have delivered a crushing blow to the Russian fleet. On 13 September, the Ukrainian Armed Forces launched a strike with British Storm Shadow missiles against the Russian Black Sea Fleet base in Sevastopol. A landing ship and a submarine designed to launch Kalibr cruise missiles were destro...

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The Laurel and Hardy of Terror


Putin has turned North Korea into a "Far Eastern Iran". On 12 September, speaking at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Putin made a number of unequivocal statements. He once again voiced criticism of the West and made it clear in a veiled way that the war with Ukraine would continue. On the same day North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un a...

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Fighter Jets and Long Range Missiles


On 11 September, another victory for the Ukrainian Armed Forces was made known - the Ukrainian army has occupied a part of the Opytnoye settlement, which opens a direct route to Donetsk airport. Before the Russian invasion of Donbas, Opytnoye was considered an elite suburb of Donetsk. This means that the Ukrainian army has come close to the te...

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Putin's Terrorist State Must be Defeated


As a result of the latest attack on Kyiv, during which the Russians used Shahed 136/131 attack drones, 26 out of 33 UAVs were destroyed in Ukrainian airspace. Over 20 drones were defused by air defence systems over the Kyiv region alone. Russia is predicted to increase such attacks with the onset of cold weather, and drones are becoming a cheaper a...

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Air Defence Top Priority for Ukraine


Air defence is Ukraine's top priority as we approach winter and the impending cold weather. On the night of 08 September Ukraine was once again attacked by drones - 16 out of 20 UAVs were destroyed by air defence forces over the Odesa and Mykolaiv regions. It is likely that the Shahed-136/131 attack drones are now already being&...

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Illegal Elections in Occupied Ukraine

Illegal Elections in Occupied Ukraine

Putin has committed another crime by holding illegal elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine. On 10 September 2023, illegal elections organised by Russia will be held in 79 municipal associations of the Russian occupation administrations of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions of Ukraine, which are occup...

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Increasing Support for Ukraine


Increasing support for Ukraine makes the Russian Federation's collapse inevitable. On 06 September, during an official visit to Kyiv, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken announced another aid package for Ukraine, which amounted to $1 billion. It includes both military and civilian aid, and in total, since the beginning of Russia's full-scale...

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The Third Reich of Modern Times


On 05 September Putin once again voiced anti-Semitic statements, accusing Zelenskyy, who has Jewish roots, of supporting Nazism. A very similar statement was made by Putin on 13 June this year during a meeting with Russian war correspondents, when Putin also said that Zelenskyy supports Nazism. It seems that anti-Semitism in the Russ...

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Putin's Next Nuclear Threat


Putin's nuclear provocations continue to threaten Europe. According to an official statement by the Russian Defence Ministry, on the night of 4th September, Russian air defence forces destroyed several Ukrainian UAVs over the territory of the Kursk Region, where a nuclear power plant is located. However, Russia did not provide any ma...

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Ukraine's Counter-Offensive


The Ukrainian army is successfully advancing in the Melitopol direction, which will soon make it possible to deprive the Russian Federation of a land corridor to Crimea The Ukrainian armed forces are successfully operating against the Russian army, gradually pushing it back from its positions and breaking through the fortified defence lines used by...

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Drone Strikes on Russia


Drone strikes on Russia are Ukraine's retaliation for Putin's geopolitical adventure On 30 August, Russia was subjected to the largest drone attack since their invasion of Ukraine. As a result, 2 Il-76 aircraft were destroyed by drones in Pskov, while 2 other aircraft were seriously damaged. Such attacks have become commonplace: the ...

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