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The Crucial Role of Air Defence in Ukraine


Ukraine is effectively shooting down Russian missiles with the help of Western air defence systems. On the evening of 26 July, the Russian Aerospace Forces carried out one of the largest missile attacks on Ukraine. Three Kalibr ballistic missiles and 33 X-101/X-555 ballistic missiles were used. In addition, 4 hypersonic missile systems X-...

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Calling Time on Russian Provocations


Will the Ukraine-NATO Council find a way to counter increasing Russian provocations? On 24 July, the Russian Air Force launched a drone strike on Ukraine's river port on the Danube, in the city of Reni. The bombardment took place close to the EU and NATO border - the opposite bank of the river belongs to Romania. This was not Russia's fir...

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Nuclear Blackmail Again: Kremlin Mines Zaporizhzhia NPP


IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi has said that the organisation's experts have discovered mines at ZNPP. According to them, the premises of the facility with limited access are mined. Also, the 4th power unit of ZNPP was put into hot mode, which creates risks for the safety of the power plant. Russia is once again using nuclear blackmail as a to...

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Danube Port Infrastructure Attacked by Russian Drones


Russian drones have attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure near the border with Romania. The Russian Air Force has attacked Ukrainian port infrastructure on the Danube River with drones. As a result of almost four hours of shelling, grain storage hangars were damaged. The Kremlin's goal is to completely oust Ukraine from the global grain marke...

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Russia Deliberately Destroys Orthodox Churches in Ukraine


Russians are destroying Orthodox churches in Ukraine, enforcing total genocide on ethnic grounds On 23 July, the Russian Air Force launched a missile attack on the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Saviour in Odesa. A total of 19 missiles of Kalibr, X-22, Onyx, Iskander-M, Iskander-K types were fired during the attack. This was a deliberate a...

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Wagner in Belarus


The Wagner Group in Belarus may become the source of a hybrid threat to Europe The mercenaries of the Wagner Group have redeployed to the territory of Belarus - the decision was made shortly after their failed campaign against Moscow. Contrary to the announced plan of their further deployment to Africa, which may still take place after fu...

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F16s Needed Now


Modern fighter jets are levelling the Kremlin's attempts to initiate a naval blockade of Ukraine Russia has launched massive missile strikes on Ukraine's Black Sea ports - after the Kremlin pulled out of the grain deal, air attacks are carried out every night. Putin has ordered the complete destruction of Ukraine's port infrastructure and the ...

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Russian Terrorists Arrested in Poland


Russian agents have flooded Europe and are planning terrorist attacks on the Polish rail system. On 19 July 15 Kremlin agents were arrested, who had been kept under surveillance between March and July of this year. The terrorist agents were planning attacks on the Polish railway, specifically, the bombing of railway trains ...

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Sabotaging The World's Bread Basket


Russia says it intends to completely destroy Ukraine's transport and industrial infrastructure, triggering a global famine After withdrawing from the Black Sea grain deal, which expired on 18 July, Russia shelled Ukraine's port infrastructure twice. On the morning of 19 July, massive shelling of Odessa seaport was carried out. In total, the Ru...

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Russia Threatens Global Food Security


The Black Sea Grain Initiative, also known as the "grain deal" - has been terminated. This is a direct result of Russia's unilateral withdrawal from it, as other participants - Turkey and the UN - were in favour of prolonging the agreement. In addition, the Russian Federation has disavowed its security guarantees for the route used to export g...

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Israel Recognises Moroccan Sovereignty of Western Sahara


According to an official statement from the Royal Office of His Majesty King Mohammed VI of Morocco, the King has received a letter from the Prime Minister of the State of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu. In this letter, the Israeli Prime Minister has announced the decision of the State of Israel to 'recognise the sovereignty of Moro...

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Russia's Influence in Africa


Russia is trying to use its co-operation with Africa to show the world and Russians that it continues to be an influential player on the international stage. For this purpose, it will hold a Russia-Africa summit in St Petersburg on 27-28 July. Also, Moscow is paying attention to African states, and in this way, Putin hopes to show the Rus...

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Russia Plans False Flag Nuclear Provocation


The Russian army has lost its best-trained units and a huge amount of military equipment during its unprovoked war against Ukraine. It has become obvious that Putin will not be able to achieve his original goals. This is prompting him to commit terror: nuclear, chemical environmental terror to inflict the maximum possible d...

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Myth of Russian Army Strength Shattered


The Ukrainian armed forces' counter-offensive has shattered the myth about the strength of the Russian army The AFU inflicted heavy losses on Russian troops in the occupied territories of Ukraine during the counter-offensive. The weakening Russian army has become a cause of discontent among the generals of the Russian Armed Forces. On 12 July ...

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NATO Summit in Vilnius Accelerates Ukraine's Path to NATO


Following the breakthrough  with Turkey withdrawing its veto on Sweden's accession to NATO, the other main events of the NATO summit in Vilnius included confirmation by Ukraine's Western partners of the continuation and increase of arms deliveries, which, according to Alliance Secretary General J. Stoltenberg, is crucial fo...

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Support for Ukraine's Euro-Atlantic Aspirations


On 10 July, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Ukraine's NATO allies had eliminated the MAP, thus significantly reducing Kyiv's path to the alliance. A day earlier, NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg announced a multi-year support package for Ukraine. Thus, the amount of assistance from the Alliance for the current year will amount ...

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Russia To Increase Influence in Africa's Poorest Countries


Russia is trying to increase its influence in the poorer countries of Africa to actually open a "second front" there to confront the West. Moscow believes it can create a "coup belt" that will ensure Russian influence and force the West out of Africa. Russia seeks to control strategic mineral deposits, which would prevent African countries from dev...

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Prospects for Ukraine's Invitation to NATO


A NATO summit will take place in Vilnius on 11-12 July. The world is eagerly awaiting how the issue of Ukraine's invitation to the Alliance will be resolved. It should be noted that granting Ukraine an invitation would be a very good strategic decision for the Alliance and the whole collective West. Ukraine - having received security guarantees and...

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Ukraine's Accession to NATO is Key for European Security


Since Putin's aggressive war was unleashed against Ukraine, no country in Europe can feel safe. Russia's territorial appetite will increase dramatically if its army gains an advantage on the battlefield. The CSCE countries will be under threat. The Ukrainian Armed Forces must get the weapons they need to drive out the Russian invaders The NATO summ...

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Ukrainian Genocide


Russians shell peaceful towns and refuse to evacuate people with Ukrainian passports On 10 June, Russia carried out another bombardment of Ukraine with Iranian drones - Odessa was badly affected. As a result of debris from a downed UAV hitting a multi-story building, 3 people were killed and 26 injured, including 2 children and a pregnant woman. Sy...

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