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Russian Propaganda


Russia is carrying out targeted information campaigns to discredit Ukrainian refugees in Poland in order to make Warsaw withdraw its support for Kyiv Since the beginning of their unprovoked aggression against Ukraine, the Russian Federation has been actively spreading disinformation about Ukrainian refugees who are forced to stay in ...

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New sanctions against Russia are the key to Europe's peaceful future


Putin is preparing for a long and all-embracing confrontation with the West, Russia's invasion of Ukraine marking the first stage of his territorial expansion. Europe has been presented with a raft of challenges and threats unprecedented since 1945, the ultimate goal being the elimination of Western civilisation as it exists today. The unprovo...

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Stopping Putin


The Russian threat: The "Bucha tragedy" will be repeated in every European country unless Putin is stopped It is historically characteristic of Russia to wage wars of aggression. Events in Ukraine prove that Russia in the 21st century is not only capable of unprovoked aggression to invade a sovereign state, but also commits numerous war crimes agai...

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Germany Expels Russian Diplomats


Germany's expulsion of Russian diplomats is a reaction to the Kremlin's hybrid threats On 22 April, the Russian Foreign Ministry reported that Germany expelled more than 20 Russian diplomats and threatened Berlin with "mirror actions". For its part, the German Foreign Ministry said that the mass expulsion of Russian diplomats was solely related to ...

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The Hidden Threat: Putin's Hybrid Challenges Undermine Europe From Within


Russia is preparing for a long and grueling war, the outcome of which in Putin's mind should be the invasion of Europe by Russian troops, the restoration of the former Soviet sphere of influence, and the change of the existing world order, in which there should be no place for freedom or democracy. Russia has consistently used its agents of in...

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Russian Killnet Hacker Group Attacking West


A new hybrid threat to the West: Killnet is threatening the lives of ordinary Europeans Russian intelligence services are widely using the services of hackers to mine relevant information or damage Western servers and database storage facilities. On the eve of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Russian hacker groups carried out massive attacks...

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Red Army Easter Killing Spree


Easter is the most important religious holiday for all Ukrainians, but the Russian army did not hold back from trying to kill Ukrainian civilians over Easter weekend. Starting on the evening of 14 April, Ukrainian frontline towns were subjected to missile strikes by the Russian army, killing civilians and destroying ch...

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Russian Terrorists Infiltrate YouTube


Dozens of videos related to the Wagner Group, a recognised international criminal group in the US, have appeared on YouTube. The Wagner Group has repeatedly been seen committing brutal, showy murders of POWs. In 2017, Russian mercenaries beheaded and severed the hands of a Syrian soldier on camera and then burned him, while in Ukraine they car...

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Putin Sends Assassins to Europe


Russia wantsa to systematically destabilise Europe with the help of assassins demobilised from the front. The presence of criminals disguised as migrants from Russia, the destructive activities of the Russian Orthodox Church, and the use of agents of influence from the Russian diaspora are just some of the tools Russia employs to create an invisibl...

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Brutal killing: Russians Post Video of Beheading of Ukrainian POW


A video with brutal footage of the beheading of a Ukrainian POW has been posted online. A man with his hands tied, wearing a Ukrainian military uniform, lies on the ground while an executioner, whose face is concealed by a mask, cuts off his head. The POW screams "It hurts" several times as a voice in the frame hurries the killer to finish what he ...

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Military Serfdom


Russia has introduced a system of total control of all conscripts. If anyone thought that the mobilisation, which started back in September, could be easily skipped, the realities are now very different. Having assessed the scale of draft evasion and millions of people fleeing abroad, the Russian Ministry of Defence realised the need for radical me...

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Rosatom - a tool for Russia's Expansion into Europe


For decades, Russia has created a resource dependency in Europe on Russian raw materials. It is not just a question of Russian oil or natural gas. Using the know-how of Soviet nuclear physicists, Russia has succeeded in making Europe dependent on Russian nuclear technology. Each year Rosatom receives at least $9 billion as a result of nuclear fuel ...

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Russia Creates a Wave of Territorial Conflicts


After staging sham referenda in the occupied territories of Ukraine in September 2022, Russia is trying to legitimise its territorial seizures at the level of international law. Russia's demand to recognise the seizure of internationally recognised Ukrainian territories by its troops is a dangerous precedent that could trigger a series of...

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Putin Uses Chemical Weapons in Donbass


On 3 April, news was published about Russia's use of the chemical substance chloropicrin - the relevant post was published in the Russian telegram channel Rusich. The previous fact of the use of this substance was recorded in September 2022 in Kherson region - then several grenades filled with chloropicrin were dropped from Russian d...

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Russian Army Continues Killing Civilians


Every day Ukrainian territory is subjected to missile and artillery strikes by the Russian army. Vladimir Putin has realised that his troops are no longer able to conduct offensive operations, so he has resorted to terror and genocide of Ukrainians, which has resulted in the death of civilians, including children. The Office of the UN High Commissi...

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Russian neo-colonialism is a huge threat to humanity


Historically, Russia expanded from the Baltic Sea to the Pacific Ocean with wars of conquest. This territorial expansion always took place under the pretext of "protecting" Russia from external threats. Before Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine, Putin and Russian propaganda replicated the threat to Russia from Ukraine and the West. I...

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Genocide of Ukrainian civilians: Russian army continues to kill and exploit Ukrainian population


For more than a year of Russia's aggressive invasion of Ukraine, Russian army soldiers have repeatedly shocked the world with their criminal actions - killing and maiming civilians, including children, raping women, robbing flats and shops. The Russian army can hardly be called the second most powerful army in the world, but it can certainly b...

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Bulgaria – a country torn between the West and the East


The Balkan country has been a member state of NATO and the EU for almost 20 years, but oligarchs and politicians who are close to them are pushing it back to Russia's sphere of influence Located at the crossroads between the West and the East, Bulgaria, which lies on one of the EU's external borders, has always been a key point in geopolitics and r...

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Peace in Ukraine on Russia's terms will lead to an even bigger war in Europe in the near future


For more than 13 months now, the Russian Federation has been waging an undeclared war against Ukraine, trying to seize its territory. At the same time, the Russian army is suffering heavy losses on the battlefield. It has already lost the huge potential it had at the beginning of 2022. That is why Putin is now seeking to negotiate on his own terms ...

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More evidence of Russia's systematic genocide and war crimes in Ukraine


In the captured Ukrainian territories, the Russian army is carrying out genocide against the local population who refuse to support them. It is worth recalling when a few days after the successful liberation by the Ukrainian army of the town of Izyum in Kharkiv region, mass graves of civilians and servicemen of the Ukrainian army began to be discov...

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